5 Ideas for Camp Themed Celebrations

CAMP is always a very popular theme for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.  I just returned from visiting my son at CAMP SKYLEMAR (shout out to the greatest summer camp in Maine!) with lots of inspiration for a Camp themed celebration. Here are 5 of my FAVORITE ideas for a Camp themed event...

1.   Seat your guests at picnic tables.  Forgo the tradtional chivari chairs and transform your event space with wood picnic tables and rustic tablescapes.


2.   Have your guests send greetings from the "post office"and then create a scrapbook with all of the "camp mail".  A fun alternative to a sign in board!  

photos via LINZI EVENTS

3.  Mini Flashlights and Pinecones make great escort cards.

Left Photo: Beautiful Blooms • Right Photo: Special Events

4.  Create a canteen that your guests will love.  Love the idea of serving Whoopie Pies on tree stumps and Mini Milkshakes in trees.

Left Photo:  PopSugar • Right Photo: BizBash

5.  Nothing says CAMP like S'mores.  Whether you create a S'more Station or you send your guests home with S'more Kits, S'mores are a must have for a Camp themed celebration.

Top Left: PlushPuffs  •  Top Right: Jew It Up  •  Bottom Left: Events Cherished  •  Bottom Right: Etsy



Momofuku Milk Bar Treats...OMG!

While I was in NYC this past weekend, I stopped by Momofuku's Milk Bar and all I can say is OMG!  I sampled their cookies and Cake Truffles and there are just no words to describe how delicious they were.  My FAVORITE cookie was definitely the COMPOST COOKIE - packed with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips... perfect balance between salty & sweet.  Of course the Cornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate-Chip and the Confetti Cookies were amazing too. 

I also tried the Cake Truffles and they were just as fabulous.  The B'day Truffles were my favorite, but my husband will tell you that the Chocolate Malt Truffles are the bomb.. After the cookies and the truffles, we were too stuffed to try their iconic Crack Pie or a slice of one of their famous cakes.

The good news is that Momafuku's Milk Bar is opening this summer in DC, so I will get a chance to to try everything that I missed.  Even more sweet news...the New York locations will ship these decadent delights.  The cake truffles and cookies would be amazing on a dessert bar.  They would also be a sweet treat in a hotel gift bag.  To order Momofuku Milk Bar Treats for your event, CLICK HERE.



ZAZZLE is Having a Sale! 

If you need to order Custom Stamps for your invitations or Custom Pillows for your lounge furniture, head over to ZAZZLE between now (7/14/15) and Sunday (7/19/15) to take advantage of their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE.

Just click the Zazzle button below and enter the code TENTH4ZAZZLE at checkout to save 25% on Custom Pillows ( a great way to customize your lounge furniture with your event logo or photos of the guest of honor) and 10% on Custom Postage which very rarely goes on sale.

And just a few things to remember if you are taking advantage of Zazzle's 10th Anniversary Sale...

If you are ordering Custom Pillows... for most party lounges, you can get away with ordering 6-8 custom pillows and then you can just mix them with solid color pillows that your decor company stocks.  The beauty of ZAZZLE is that there is no minimum order per design, therefore you can order all of them with your logo or you could order half with your logos and the other half with photos of the guest of honor.  Custom Pillows are one of my FAVORITE ways to personalize event decor.

If you are ordering Custom Postage... BEFORE you order your postage, be sure to take your entire invitation (this includes all of your invitation inserts ie. RSVP card & envelope, out of town guest information card, etc.) to the post office to be weighed so that you order the correct postage.  When I ordered the postage for my son's bar mitzvah, my invitations were not in yet but I wanted to take advantage of a similar sale, so my invitation vendor was able to give me a sample of my exact invitation so that I could have it weighed.  Be sure not to leave anything to chance.  I have had several clients tell me that they did not have their invitations weighed at the post office and they miscalculated the postage. One recent client weighed her invitation on her Weight Watchers food scale.  The measurement was accurate but it did not tell her that a square envelope costs more to mail.

If you are not technologically savvy and the thought of ordering your postage or pillows yourself scares you, PARTY FAVORITES can set up and place your order for a $25.00 fee.  Just CLICK HERE or email me at lisa@partyfavoritesonline.com to contact us about this service.  All ZAZZLE set-up orders placed by 7/18 at 5:00 pm will be placed with Zazzle by Sunday to take advantage of this amazing sale.



Girl Power...Soccer Inspired Bat Mitzvah Ideas


photo via NYMAG.COM

Soccer is always a popular Bar Mitzvah theme, but I have a feeling that the US Women's Soccer Team's World Cup Victory will inspire a lot of soccer themed Bat Mitzvahs in the upcoming mitzvah season. 

The USA Team logo is always popular for soccer themed parties. By changing the colors of the original logo from red and blue to pink and orange, this version screams "GIRL POWER"...

And here are a few more recent soccer themed Bat Mitzvah logos that I have created...


If soccer is your Bat Mitzvah theme, here are a few of my FAVORITE soccer themed finishing touches...

SOCCER BALL COCKTAIL TABLES...I adore these cocktail tables from Jersey Street Furniture.

PHOTO TABLE NUMBERS...Personalize the party by photoshopping your table numbers on to photos of the guest of honor in her soccer uniforms through the years. Photo via Linda Morrow Photography

TURF BAR...What a fun idea for a bar from AFR Event Furnishings

And what a fun surprise it would be to introduce your "star player" with a confetti cannon...




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