Love these Hanukkah Pajamas

Love these Chanukkah Pajamas! So Cute!


Custom PJ pants are always a popular mitzvah favor but these Hanukkah PJ's would be so cute for a family Hanukkah celebration.  Available for kids and adults.  These are one of my Hanukkah Favorites! 

You can order these adorable Hanukkah Pajamas from Amazon.  Just CLICK HERE.




Planning a Mitzvah celebration in the MD/DC/VA area?  MITZVAH ZONE 2014 is an interactive experience produced by ELECTRIC ENTERTAINMENT which showcases their talented team of MC's, DJ's and dancers along with several other event vendors including PARTY FAVORITES. 

MITZVAH ZONE allows you to witness amazing entertainment first hand...something a sales pitch at a booth at other Mitzvah shows just can't duplicate. Come meet Electric's talented team, learn the newest dance moves, play exciting games, see dazzling lighting/video setups, the trendiest lounge furniture sets, and check out one of the hottest digital-photo trends around - all in one convenient place. But that's just the beginning.  MITZVAH ZONE will feature an on-site event planner to answer any of your questions; a professional photographer snapping live-action photos that you'll get to see; the area's most exciting DJ troupe entertaining guests of all ages; and even have decorations you can see in person, with an experienced decorator who can help design that perfect party. Not to mention free food, fabulous door prizes donated by vendors, and lots of take-home goodies. 

And PARTY FAVORITES will be there showcasing our unique mitzvah logos, fabulous favors and finishing touches.  We will be explaining the "tricks" to "brand" your event and create a perfectly put together party.

Space is limited and the event is filling up fastm - over 40 families have already registered!  CLICK HERE to register your family.  See you Sunday!


Monday Morning at Party Favorites

Do we create fabulous favors and finishing touches for clients outside of the DC-area? YES! YES! YES! These 12 boxes awaiting UPS pick-up this morning are filled with adorable custom tie-dye fleece blankets all "rolled, tagged and tied" for one of our Bat Mitzvah clients in California.


NYX Open House Mitzvah Party - Sunday, October 26

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